Are Californians Conserving Water During Droughts

Are Californians Conserving Water During Droughts

  When summer hits, along with it can come dreaded droughts. California is a chronic suffer of severe droughts. As the winter proves to have less rain and snowpack, it tends to greatly diminish the drink water and reservoirs. Tighter restrictions and fines are used to encourage the community to use less water. Although some of the governmental requirements are helpful, here are a few ideas to help the best you can during a drought where you live.

Reduce Washing

Cutting back on your washing does not mean that you only do less laundry, but maybe take few showers, and cleaning your car less. Most people shower daily, but during times of a severe drought you might want to consider showering every other day. It will cut back on the amount of water used daily. Washing a car is not really necessary so might as well cut out all vehicle cleaning. Of course you should also do less laundry. That can mean hanging back up that shirt you wore today if it is mostly clean, or wearing those jeans twice before sending them to the wash.

Other smaller types of washing can be considered for options to help converse water. Instead of washing vegetables and fruits in water, why not wipe them down with a wet cloth. For those with children, it is impossible to keep them clean, but maybe make a concise effort to use less water for their baths. When filling up a glass with water, do not throw the extra water down the sink, leave it on the counter until you are ready for more.

Rethinking Grey Water

Believe it or not, the water used to flush toilets is really clean water. You could drink from it, that is if it came in a cup instead of our toilet. The point is that you don’t really need clean water for flushing. A alternative is to plug up the drain in your shower or bathtub and use that water to flush toilets. Turn off the water at the toilet and just pour in the water in the back of the toilet tank in order reuse the grey water from the shower.

Besides flushing, grey water can be used to water houseplants and yards. When you take a shower, put in a bucket to catch the cold water while you wait for the water to warm up. You can use this clean water to feed plants. During a drought emergency it is okay to use soapy dishwater on plants, but check your soap for chlorine or boron before you recycle the water.

Make sure you help out and conserve water when there is a drought. There are many options that you can pick that fit to your lifestyle and habits that will make a difference as a whole community. These practices can be daily efforts too. Water conservation is a good habit.